The MacBook ‘Pro’ Is Dead: What’s The Best Laptop For Photographers / Videographers Now?

Photographers are familiar with the marketing strategy of ensuring that the mass market sees the professionals using the gear. White Canon lenses are everywhere at sporting events and that’s very beneficial for the brand. Likewise, creative professionals are often seen with a MacBook Pro laptop, even though Apple’s share of the overall computer market is […]

How to Make Amazing Flash-Lit Photos Without Spending Lots of Money


Do you use a flash? If not, this is for you. Most people don’t know how much a flash can help them. Or how cheap they can be. Read on and you will learn the best value gear to buy, and how to use it. Here are some comments about why a flash is a good […]

The Best Photography Portrait Ever


You know this photograph. Subjectively, it may be the best photography portrait ever made. You can learn a lot from the best. So let’s look at why it has moved so many people. You like facts, so let’s start with those. Her name is Sharbat Gula. She was twelve years old. Her Pashtun parents were killed in a Soviet […]

How To Clean Your Camera Sensor


Is it time to clean your dirty camera sensor? Removing dust spots manually is faster than doing it on the computer. If you’re like me, you don’t enjoy this necessary evil. It’s time-consuming, concerning and expensive. But there is a better way; I’ve spent hours researching the best (value) tools to clean your camera sensor […]

The Best Photography Books To Learn With


Photography books are the best value way to improve your photos. They are not the best way; learning one-to-one with a master is, and has always been, the most efficient way to develop yourself. But books provide a very good alternative for a lot less money. They can be good, and they can be useless, and […]

Free: Nikon Flat Film Presets


You probably didn’t know about this free resource so I thought I’d share it with you. It will allow you to make better quality films with your camera, give you more interesting colours when you just want to shoot JPEGs and let you mess around shooting great looking black and white files in-camera that look […]

The Best Photography Advice For 90% of People


Kodak may have developed the first digital camera and then mismanaged themselves close to bankruptcy, but no-one can say that after their years of photography experience they don’t understand a thing or two about making pictures. In fact their top ten tips, far from being a clickbait series of platitudes, may well be the best […]

Sid Vasandani teaches Annie Leibovitz style photography


Sid Vasandani from StyleMyPic has a really excellent channel on YouTube. He sells a panel for Photoshop that speeds up your retouching and makes some advanced editing techniques easier to do. His videos are to promote this, but he also teaches how to create the same effects without the panel. He is a great photographer […]

Shot Click is Launched!


So why Shot.Click? Well obviously because the name uses the new alternative to .com, .click and sounds snappy – but why make this site at all, and why should you keep coming back for more? Storytime My late grandfather always wanted to be a photographer. When he was in Venice during the Second World War, he spent his […]