The Best Photography Advice For 90% of People



Kodak may have developed the first digital camera and then mismanaged themselves close to bankruptcy, but no-one can say that after their years of photography experience they don’t understand a thing or two about making pictures. In fact their top ten tips, far from being a clickbait series of platitudes, may well be the best series of photography tips ever created.

Knowledge is nothing without understanding, and one of the main Shot.Click ideas is self-teaching (auto-didactism if we’re being fancy). Reading and watching photography tutorials won’t do much for you if you don’t put the ideas into practice. You can look at the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve to see the theory behind this statement.

So this; if you actually read and practice each of the ten best photography tips, taking each one until it becomes internalised, your photography will dramatically improve. Even advanced photographers will benefit from refreshing themselves with these tips. And notice that even Kodak doesn’t mention upgrading your equipment…

Do you concur?