Shot Click is Launched!



So why Shot.Click? Well obviously because the name uses the new alternative to .com, .click and sounds snappy – but why make this site at all, and why should you keep coming back for more?


My late grandfather always wanted to be a photographer. When he was in Venice during the Second World War, he spent his entire Navy paycheck on a camera to take pictures of the bridges and canals. He later worked in an office but retained his love of the sea and of photography. As well as boats, he made an enlarger out of a biscuit tin and printed his beloved landscapes there.


But he never did photography professionally full-time. I think it’s much easier now because photography gear is relatively cheaper, and education is largely free online. As a professional photographer and photography coach, I’ve had amazing experiences and met great people doing what I love.

And I’ve been able to achieve what I have so far only because of others. When I started learning photography as an English teenager living in the countryside, I cycled miles to the library and read every book they had, and practiced a lot with expensive film, including hours in the darkroom. When digital photography and internet tutorials arrived, I could suddenly learn a lot faster.


  • In photography, what one person can do, another person can do. You don’t need to be born with the ‘eye’, nor know the ‘right’ people. I really believe that with the right knowledge, the right equipment (and we’ll cover how to get top results with basic gear), and the right effort, you can make world-class photos. You have to know that you can improve quickly, and you will.
  • ‘Knowledge begins with experience’ – Kant. The best way to improve your photography is 10% theory and 90% practice. The best way to learn is one-to-one, in person, from someone better at photography than you, and who knows how to teach. But unless you have the money for courses, convince a mentor, or assist someone, you can learn online. It just takes longer.
  • Gear doesn’t need to be expensive. But because photography magazines and websites are funded by advertising or affiliate links and the photography companies want to keep selling products, you probably think you need more gear. You almost certainly don’t. But because you love it anyway, I’ll show you the best value gear. Not the best marketed.
  • ‘Most of us spend too much time on the last twenty-four hours and too little on the last six thousand years.’ – Will Durant.   You can read about the latest gear here because it hasn’t existed before, but the new tutorials often aren’t the best ones, and the inspirational photographs very rarely are. Our minds love novelty, so there will be a bit to keep you interested, but better to show you the best ideas and pictures that have ever been made, so you can learn faster.
  • To improve your photography, you need to know what looks good and what doesn’t. Most people don’t know, so they don’t know who to follow, and their own photos end up looking over-processed and uninspiring. I’ll show you the best photographs and art so you know what to aim for. Remember; you only need one photograph to make your name as a photographer.


What Do You Want?

I’m guessing what you want to see on Shot.Click based on my own experience learning photography, and feedback from my students. And while there are some things that you don’t know that you don’t know yet that I can share with you, you’ll also have questions and things you want to see more of here. So ask! I’ll be happy to help and Shot.Click will grow with you.

Do you concur?